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Best Festival in History!

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    We are a festival, theme park, theatre, holiday shopping destination, and educational experience, all rolled into one great adventure.

    Every autumn the Louisiana Renaissance Festival creates the English "Village of Albright," with more than 600 artisans, entertainers and educational demonstrators welcoming you to the best parts of the 16th century: fun, clean, safe, and educational.

    Albright has a magical ambiance: the atmosphere is adventurous, exciting and romantic. Choose from dozens of Professional Performers, more than 50 shows, and a plethora of demonstrations every day on a dozen stages. Search a hundred booths for unique handmade creations. Join our local cast. The next chance to join the Albright Players and participate in our monthly acting workshops will be 10:00 AM March 11th at the RenFest;  You can read more about it here.  Click here for more trivia known as Frequently Asked Questions.

Booth Spotlight

Booth Spotlight: Rotten Revenge Game

Spotlight Entertainment

Performer Spotlight: Grace the Kid Albright Player

Animal Spotlight

Animal Spotlight: Mary-Fiona Peregrine Falcon