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Kitty Kaos

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Kitty Kaos Performance Schedule

"Catch" her performance in the "Fools of Fortune" juggling show, as well as Paolo's Knife Throwing Show and Mouse Trap Show.   Kitty Kaos is thrilled to return to the Knife Throwing Show and to be a part of the Fools of Fortune at LARF! Kitty was born and raised in New Orleans has been a nationally and internationally award winning performer since 2008. She can be found not only juggling at many festivals across the land, but also doing laundry as Cookie the Washing Well Wench! From her humble childhood beginnings in theatre, she has taken her love of comedy beyond Shakespeare and into the realms of clowning, juggling, magic, and mayhem! A vaudevillian at heart, from the moment Kitty found herself on a Renaissance Festival stage, she has never looked back! 

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Comedy Juggling
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