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Sheriff Winston Payne

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Sheriff Winston Payne Performance Schedule

The Lord High Sheriff, Sir Winston Payne is her Majesty's chief tax collector, which does not make him a popular man. This is something that the Sheriff has chosen to revel in, deciding that it is better to be feared than loved. Whether it's a merchant who needs to be squeezed for that last bit of tax money or a puppy that needs kicking, Sir Winston Payne is the man for the job. Gladly. On behalf of Her Majesty, of course.

  • Sat Nov 4th (All day)
  • Sun Nov 5th (All day)
  • Sat Nov 11th (All day)
  • Sun Nov 12th (All day)
  • Sat Nov 18th (All day)
  • Sun Nov 19th (All day)
  • Fri Nov 24th (All day)
  • Sat Nov 25th (All day)
  • Sun Nov 26th (All day)
  • Sat Dec 2nd (All day)
  • Sun Dec 3rd (All day)
  • Sat Dec 9th (All day)
  • Sun Dec 10th (All day)
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